…and so I started a blog

...and so I started a bog
…and so I started a blog


Thanks for stopping by!  Like the stolen Pinterest quote alludes to, I have a real tendency to work on overprocessing an idea for a long time before finally saying…..well….what that image says.  That’s exactly the process that got me to this blog.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions this year was to start a blog.  Another was more action, less time processing plans to do things…like starting a blog.

Besides the fact that over processing is a character flaw I’m working on, my interests and life are so incongruent most of the time that I didn’t know where to begin.  Eventually, I just had to say, “fuck it,” and make a move.  Here we are.  It’s a blog about weight loss, cars, cooking, my current house hunt (and the likely house projects to follow)….it’s literally whatever I want.  Because I own the domain, and I pay the host, and I can.  Hopefully someone finds it interesting enough to follow along.

Here’s some things in the last year that elicited a “f*ck it” after months of processing.  They’ll probably get their own posts in the future, but some of them are gonna take some time for me to work up to spelling out.

  • Leaving a very long term, very live in relationship.
  • Moving cross country and taking my longstanding dream job.
  • Deciding to jump head first back into weight loss after gaining 45 pounds….that I fought so hard to lose in 2015.

Seeing as I left my therapist and our weekly appointments in So Cal, I hope this doesn’t turn into a giant self-therapy sesh.  Buuuut it might, so hang in there, and I’ll try to not sound like a crazy person as much as possible.

In other, way less crazy news, I’m planning to address these things each week…

  • Weekly weigh ins
  • Car updates and projects as they’re happening
  • Automotive how-to’s: oil changes to engine swaps
  • Recipes and kitchens

Basically, I’m making this all up as I go.  Stick with me while the site gets to 100%, and I pick up some momentum.  It might jump around, but at least it won’t be boring.


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