Three Things Thursday

  1. I was supposed to get my car running over the weekend.  My car’s not running.  It’s a point of mild frustration, but mostly just exhaustion.  We slaved basically all weekend, and it probably would’ve felt worth it if I’d gotten to hear my car fire….but I didn’t.

    The issues were with the laptop software — I have a Mac, which it makes it rough to do windows based tuning.  Not impossible, but just difficult enough to ruin an ill-prepared weekend.  It was my fault, but at nearly midnight on Sunday night, that didn’t matter.  I was just annoyed. 

    Not my car, but this color is my current obsession!!
  1. I missed my Weight Watchers appointment on Saturday morning because of a work event.  I had great intentions of going to the one Sunday, but ended up working on the car instead.  Motivation’s definitely been lacking as a result, but I’m not willing to throw 14 pounds of hard work down the drain, so I’m keeping on.  I’m really looking forward to picking up my 4th meeting keyring, so I have some place to put my 5% charm.

    First charm for this go round! Feeling pretty stoked on it.
  2. After WW this weekend, I am going to get my hair done….super duper blondie blond.  Looking forward to that, but also mildly annoyed that I’m essentially giving up 25% of my weekend to sit in one place all weekend.  I love the work that my hair girl does, but man, she’s not very fast.  To top it off, I want to read while I sit there, and no matter how hard I try to do that, she keeps striking up conversations.  This week will be extra frustrating because every second in that chair is a second of not getting my car running.



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