How to Upend Your Life, Part 1

The last year’s been a game changer for me.  New job, new home, new city, new….everything.  Except the chihuahua. Stanley’s the same chihuahua.  If you’re looking to leave your entire life in the dust and do something new, here’s your step by step guide!

1.  Go behind your long term boyfriend’s back and accept a job he told you that you weren’t allowed to take

Last year about this time, I restarted a conversation with a company here in Memphis that I’d wanted to work for as long as I had been in the automotive industry.  A long running, well-respected, still privately owned powerhouse in the automotive aftermarket.  The job was my dream job, and I’d turned it down once before, my hand forced by my ex.

This time was different.  I was plotting my way out of a floundering relationship, and knew that a new life in Memphis was the answer.  The thing about taking a job that’s all the way across the country, is that you actually have to move…across the country.

2.  Fly cross-country, fall in love with the idea of yourself a long way away from home

So after the first talks, I flew cross country, and confirmed what I knew before I even set foot in Memphis the first time.  This is my city, that is my job, and these are my people.  With my mom in tow (not for a security blanket, but because she’s not one to miss an adventure), I toured apartments, and chose one that would be my home in a few short months.  We even had time to see the Peabody ducks and watch the sunset from atop the Bass Pro Pyramid.  I was in love with Memphis instantly.

3.  Spend A Lot of Time and Money Preparing for The Great Escape

The two months that followed were an absolute blur.  I daydreamed about my new life in Memphis. Alot.  I closed down my business that was doing exceptionally well, in the name of doing a job I actually enjoyed again.  An aside: no one tells you so much time running a business is spent running a business, and not doing any real meaningful work.  I closed down my remaining clients’ accounts and worked an exit strategy.  I got my masters degree, and made some poor decisions in those weeks.  I shipped my stuff.  I had a handful of painful goodbyes, and many “see ya laters.”

I ordered everything I’d need for my new home on Amazon — from the bed to the furniture to my new pots and pans.  I had nothing, but every bit of it was mine, and I loved that feeling.

4.  Haphazardly Attempt to Heal the Only Way Your Dumb Ass Knows How

I rode many miles on horseback, and started to heal my heartbreak with friends, sunshine, and an alarming amount of whiskey.  Through sleepless nights and swollen tired eyes, I came to terms with my new place in the world.  Finally, there was just one thing left to do.

5. Just…go.

I packed my dog and a couple suitcases in the Element and took off for our very own cross country adventure, just the two of us…or so I thought…

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