Weight Watchers Weeklies

If you’re familiar with the Weight Watchers program, some of this will be redundant for you.  I apologize (not really, there’s the door…). Each week if you attend in person Weight Watchers meetings, they hand out a “Weekly.”  It’s a brochure with updates from the company, the focus of the week’s meeting, and random coupons for “Weight Watchers friendly” snacks, etc.

Some meeting leaders fall back on the Weekly pretty heavily to guide their meetings, while others just speak for a moment to whatever the “theme” is, before moving on to group talk, recognitions, etc.  I actually really prefer this less-scripted, more community based approach.  It does mean, though, that each week, I wind up with a Weekly full of unanswered “fill in the blank” type questions and things to ponder.  I can’t help but think that the head honchos at Corporate wouldn’t spend the time and money to print the Weekly if those questions and talking points hadn’t proven to be useful, so I figured I would use my space here to go through them each week.  I’m hoping it will keep me on track, and keep my head in the game.  I’ve got a few to get caught up on, so I’m going to probably double them up for a while, before moving to a weekly Wednesday mid-week WW boost post.

From the week of February 19, “What’s Your Why?”

Answer this question super quick:  Why do you want to lose weight?

I want to look better.

Go into detail: What does that look like to you?  How would your life be different?

For me, it will be me being more comfortable in my own skin, especially in work situations.

Make it yours:  Using your answers from steps 1 and 2, as yourself again, “why do I want to lose weight?”  Take your time, and frame your answer in a specific, personal way.

For me, losing weight is an external step towards internalizing some serious self confidence.  Whether I want to admit it or not, how I look has a huge impact on how I feel about myself.  It’s not nearly as much about being “healthy,” as maybe it should be.  I know that, especially in professional situations, I feel better and more confident in my own skillset when I look slimmer.  I know this because I’ve habitually yo-yo dieted, for my entire adult life.  I’ve been more successful thinner, and not necessarily because of what I look like, but because I carry myself and behave differently when I feel better about my appearance.  To add to that, I’ve been tasked with doing YouTube videos for work, and that’s made my super aware of my own appearance.  I can see the losses and gains, even when they’re “minor.”  In that case, I guess it’s really important to me to look good in a t shirt for YouTube.  Little bit weird to see in writing.


So, what’s your why?


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