Weight Watchers Weeklies

WW is one thing I’ve definitely not slacked on in my blog absence.  Gone every week, lost pretty much every week.  Picked up a couple new charms along the way – most notably my 10% charm, and my 25 pound charm.  I’ll run through all of them in another post, but working the plan is totally working for me.  I’m down nearly 30 pounds, and I’m completely happy with my progress.

So here’s some weight watchers brain work, chosen at random from the stack of weekly handouts that’s grown much faster than I’ve blogged here…oops.

These questions are from the weekly dated April 30-May 6, “Get in the Groove to Move.”

Choose one new activity to try….

I’m going to be giving the stationary bike a go.  My go to cardio is running in the wee hours of the morning, and actively competing with my office mates for miles logges, but when I went to D.C. last week, I got a little too run sightseeing happy and gave myself horrendous blisters (pictures – of the run, not the blisters – coming tomorrow).  Running isn’t in the cards for a least the next week, maybe longer.  I’m going to put in 30 minutes 3 times this week on the bike whilst trying not to die of boredom.

And if I know me, I should probably invest in a helmet…


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