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3 Things Thursday

1. I went camping a couple of weeks ago, and we went fishing, and I caught my first bass!!  It was so much fun.  I can’t wait to go camping/fishing again.  I cooked the bass, and some crappie, for dinner, and it was so good.

2. My mom is getting here tonight!  She’s going to be here almost two weeks, and I’ve got a lot of fun planned.  We’re leaving for Nashville (#NashVegas) first thing in the morning, and going to see Eric Church two nights in a row.  There will Loveless Cafe biscuits.  There will be Biscuit Love biscuits.  There will be craft beer.  And a brazilian steakhouse.  There will questionable WW food logging.  It will be worth it.

3.  I went to Washington, D.C. last week for some industry volunteering that I’m involved with, and the trip was awesome.  We spent basically two days in teambuilding and training exercises, followed by a day of lobbying on Capitol Hill.  I actually did some lobbying while I was in college, so it wasn’t totally new to me, but having a chance to speak on behalf of the aftermarket at the federal level was an honor.

While I was there, I went out for an “oops it was supposed to be 3” 5 mile run, all the way down the mall, from the capitol to the Lincoln monument.  Beautiful – especially in the quiet of sunrise.  I’m sure that the people who live there take it for granted, but it’s amazing.  I’m a pretty patriotic person, but I think I hit new levels last week.

Here’s some shots from that run, and our Tennessee aftermarket representatives, ready to hit the Hill.  If you’re into cars, make sure you check out the SEMA RPM Act site to super easily send letters to your legislators, and them know how important it is to their voter base.

These are the devil shoes that did me in….guess they should’ve been broken in…oops

Shout to the department of Agriculture for my mortgage!

Touse Tunting Tuesday

Not every post name can be a winner, okay?

Since I really got into the posts on here, I’ve been through a serious real estate roller coaster (and there’s the alliteration I was looking for…..dammit).

I made an offer on a house that was accepted, and so I was under contract.  The NEXT day, another newer house on more land, closer to work, with a shop came available, but I was already under contract with the first one, and so I decided that the house with the shop just wasn’t meant for me.  I shelled out a few hundred of the best dollars I have literally ever spent (second only to the dollars I spent on gas to leave my ex, probably…) for inspection, and found out that the house was a disaster in a million invisble-to-the-naked-eye-but-probably-going-to-burn-or-fall-down-anyday ways.

And so I was no longer under contract, because there was NO way I was signing on for that mess.  Immediately regrouped with my agent, and got an appointment to go see the house with the shop.  Got a call on the way there, and it was under contract to someone else.  Went to see the neighborhood, and fell in love.  Big mistake. Big. Huge.

Anyone?  Anyway….

Put a backup offer in, but was already like seventeenth in line.  BUT!  There was another one in the same subdivision – FOR SALE! More land! Bigger shop! We made an appointment, and like clockwork, it went under contract before I could get in to see it…again.  Seriously started to feel like I was cursed.

And so I basically took a month off from house hunting.  It’s such a fun process the first few days, but it starts to suck the life out of you.  I started considering houses I didn’t even like in the name of…I don’t know….winning?  It was dumb how my ego got caught up in it all.

So then one morning, I’m casually browsing Zillow with my morning cup, as we do in our office (3 out of 4 are house hunting now. I’m such a trendsetter).  Anyway, came across the cutest brick ranch in Tennessee, where I’d been intentionally NOT looking because of property taxes.  Sent it to my lender to get a quick idea of my monthly payment, and was pleasantly surprised to see it well within my budget.  Got an appointment, saw it, made offer, offer accepted, and now, I’m under contract again.  I’m carefully NOT celebrating until I close this time – I feel like I learned my lesson.

Here’s my two favorite parts though – beautiful yard with lots of room for my new shop, and this kitchen (which I’m already making plans to upgrade).







Stay tuned, more updates to follow!

Meme Monday

Richard Petty made my meme week…

When I was growing up (and probably now, haven’t recently tested that theory), when my sister and I would say we couldn’t find something, my mother would say, “If I find it, do I get to hit you with it?!”  It’s amazing how we were able to locate so many things in the following moments…

Love this one.

Timely and politically memey…

Shout out to Scary Mommy for this one.  Ran across it on Facebook today, and I am not a mom, yet this woman gets me.

If you’ve somehow missed the saga of Brad’s Wife, get caught up.  I mean, where have you been this week?!

I feel this meme so hard.  Thankfully, no longer immediately relevant to my life…

I’m NOT asking for a friend.  When you see me, just know that my hair is a dirty illusion.  All about that trash panda life.

This is hilarious if you’re from/living in the South.  If you’re not, I’d imagine it’s not that great.  Sue me.


Big stuff coming this week – stay tuned.  Going to have an update on the car, and hopefully a solid weight drop at meeting come Saturday – been working my face off prepping and planning to make it happen.  Plan the work, work the plan.

Got a favorite meme this week?  Link it in the comments!

Three Things Thursday…on Saturday

This insane week finally drawing to a close means settling down long enough on a Saturday morning to put some thoughts down.  Here’s three things that have been rolling around in my brain this week…

  1. This article caught my eye this week – it’s called “What if all I want is a mediocre life?” Well, good for you, author.  But not for me.  I am too lucky, too capable, too strong, and too intelligent to settle for mediocre.  Stephanie over at Squat Rack Shenanigans is in an all female group on Facebook that I frequent, and her comment summed it up so well…

    “I don’t identify with this in the least.

    For me, the desire to be better, to leave an impact (however slight), to improve in some way, drives me to take on each day after the next. Complacency, for me, is the first step towards a backslide- a slippery slope. For me. Every day I wake up and I have a purpose and I am aware of it, I strive towards fulfilling it, and I am I satisfied if I feel I haven’t put my best effort towards it.

    I have an able body and a knowledgeable mind, a loving heart and a desire to share these blessings however they can be of use to someone else. Of course this sounds conceited, “look at all I have to share with the world!” But that is not my intention. I have spent so much of my life learning, and continue to do so daily. There’s no reason not to share what I have learned to help others better themselves through knowledge. I am lucky enough to have had the opportunity to build a strong body that is capable of many things, and there is no reason not to use it for more than moving iron plates. I have the capacity to feel deeply, to love, and empathize and these are qualities wasted if kept to myself.

    So I don’t find myself in any part of this. I’ve not yet encountered a limit to the things I can accomplish, so I’ve not yet found a reason to stop trying to improve myself, and I think that actively seeking these limitations and “accepting” them would cause me a lot of internal strife- I’m not sure I could find the drive to get up each morning without knowing there was some end goal for bettering myself in that period.”

    I agree with her.  So. Hard.  Not because I’m some accomplished powerlifter/figure competitor (no seriously…have you checked out that blog yet?), but because my body is strong, my brain is powerful, and like she said, I’ve yet to find my own limits.  Why would I stop when I know I have more to bring the world?

    I work each week to help empower young, intelligent college aged women through my volunteer work, and I strive to break stereotypes every single day of what it means to be a young woman in business (and behind the wheel of cool cars).  I’ve worked to get to a place of independence, and work every day to improve myself intellectually, professionally, and yes, through diet and exercise.  I know that I come from a place of privilege, in that I have the option to even consider these things, and I think that’s incredibly relevant.

    Be strong, be smart, be more than mediocre when you’re blessed with a place in this world that allows you to do so.  There’s no reason to lower the standard for those that follow.

  2. Off the soapbox, back to the car:  it’s not getting worked on this weekend, because there’s a big race here in town, and there’s a lot of working at the track going on instead.  Related to the car, I’ve realized how very little I know about automotive wiring and electrical systems.  It’s painful.  I’m so used to being able to just educate myself when I don’t understand things, and I’m trying really hard to do that in this case, too, but there’s a long way to go.  The boyfriend has been helping me to pick stuff up, but man….it’s a lot.  It’s so very different from anything mechanical, and I have literally no base knowledge to work from.  Wiring a car, to me, feels like trying to read Homer before you know the alphabet.
  3. I was up 2.4 pounds at my weigh in this morning, making my total loss 14.4.
    This stock photo is totally me this morning.

    I hate that so much.  Usually, I’m super careful about how I eat on Fridays because my body is so sensitive to sodium intake.  I’ve seen my weight fluctuate 6-8 pounds overnight because of it.  Last night after work, one of my coworkers was playing music at a local burger place (LBOE here in Memphis, and if you’re curious, it was awesome), and after the week I’d had, I was happy to enjoy a burger, fries, and 2 delicious (Wiseacre Ananda) IPAs.  I hadn’t had a beer in so long.  It seemed worth it; it actually still does, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t mess with my psyche to not see a loss on the scale this morning…for the first time since I got back on Weight Watchers.

    So, struggle fest internally there.

    The worst part of it is that I’m usually SO motivated by my own losses, that it makes it really easy to fall off the wagon after a (likely to be gone next week and thensome) gain.  So, this is the part where I have to remind myself that it’s the long game that counts, and Saturday morning weigh ins are just a piece of that puzzle.

  4. (Bonus thing) I’m going to see Justin Moore and Lee Brice play in Tupelo tonight, which should be a lot of fun!  Somehow, when I bought the tickets, I thought Brantley Gilbert was playing with Justin Moore, so I surprised my boyfriend with the tickets.  I maintain that’s what the site said when I bought them, but now that’s not the case.  We’re still going to have a great time, but I’m now positive that I am the reason I can’t have nice things.

Any good plans for the weekend?

Meme Monday

It’s Monday.

The Mustang still isn’t running.  It has new injectors and fully plumbed up EFI (FAST XFI 2.0).  My Element battery is dead.  I ubered to work.  I’m sleep deprived.  I’m car depressed.  I’m mourning the loss of another weekend with no running Mustang.

Here’s some memes…

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How to Upend Your Life, Part 1

The last year’s been a game changer for me.  New job, new home, new city, new….everything.  Except the chihuahua. Stanley’s the same chihuahua.  If you’re looking to leave your entire life in the dust and do something new, here’s your step by step guide!

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