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Touse Tunting Tuesday

Not every post name can be a winner, okay?

Since I really got into the posts on here, I’ve been through a serious real estate roller coaster (and there’s the alliteration I was looking for…..dammit).

I made an offer on a house that was accepted, and so I was under contract.  The NEXT day, another newer house on more land, closer to work, with a shop came available, but I was already under contract with the first one, and so I decided that the house with the shop just wasn’t meant for me.  I shelled out a few hundred of the best dollars I have literally ever spent (second only to the dollars I spent on gas to leave my ex, probably…) for inspection, and found out that the house was a disaster in a million invisble-to-the-naked-eye-but-probably-going-to-burn-or-fall-down-anyday ways.

And so I was no longer under contract, because there was NO way I was signing on for that mess.  Immediately regrouped with my agent, and got an appointment to go see the house with the shop.  Got a call on the way there, and it was under contract to someone else.  Went to see the neighborhood, and fell in love.  Big mistake. Big. Huge.

Anyone?  Anyway….

Put a backup offer in, but was already like seventeenth in line.  BUT!  There was another one in the same subdivision – FOR SALE! More land! Bigger shop! We made an appointment, and like clockwork, it went under contract before I could get in to see it…again.  Seriously started to feel like I was cursed.

And so I basically took a month off from house hunting.  It’s such a fun process the first few days, but it starts to suck the life out of you.  I started considering houses I didn’t even like in the name of…I don’t know….winning?  It was dumb how my ego got caught up in it all.

So then one morning, I’m casually browsing Zillow with my morning cup, as we do in our office (3 out of 4 are house hunting now. I’m such a trendsetter).  Anyway, came across the cutest brick ranch in Tennessee, where I’d been intentionally NOT looking because of property taxes.  Sent it to my lender to get a quick idea of my monthly payment, and was pleasantly surprised to see it well within my budget.  Got an appointment, saw it, made offer, offer accepted, and now, I’m under contract again.  I’m carefully NOT celebrating until I close this time – I feel like I learned my lesson.

Here’s my two favorite parts though – beautiful yard with lots of room for my new shop, and this kitchen (which I’m already making plans to upgrade).







Stay tuned, more updates to follow!

The House Hunt Has Started

About a month ago, I started to really look at buying house in the (much) greater Memphis area.  Coming from my last experience of buying a house in Southern California, it’s been a pretty crazy experience.  For one, I can actually do it solo – which is crazy.  The cost of living differences between California and Tennessee/Mississippi still catch me off guard in day to day life, but nowhere more so than in the housing market.  In this area, it’s not weird for young people to be homeowners.  Where I came from, my ex and I were definitely an anomaly (and only because of a perfectly timed house hunt that involved a fair payout when the house we were renting got foreclosed on, and because my family gave us a place to stay free of charge after we were displaced).

So I started the process of getting pre-approved for two separate loan types – FHA (for first time buyers – which I qualify as on a technicality, no complaints here), and a USDA rural development loan.  There’s a few factors involved in the USDA loans – income levels and the location of the house you buy both matter.  As the name says, it’s for rural housing – no downtown Memphis condos for me.  That’s a-okay with me, since what I’m looking for pretty much requires “rural.”

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