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Meme Monday

Richard Petty made my meme week…

When I was growing up (and probably now, haven’t recently tested that theory), when my sister and I would say we couldn’t find something, my mother would say, “If I find it, do I get to hit you with it?!”  It’s amazing how we were able to locate so many things in the following moments…

Love this one.

Timely and politically memey…

Shout out to Scary Mommy for this one.  Ran across it on Facebook today, and I am not a mom, yet this woman gets me.

If you’ve somehow missed the saga of Brad’s Wife, get caught up.  I mean, where have you been this week?!

I feel this meme so hard.  Thankfully, no longer immediately relevant to my life…

I’m NOT asking for a friend.  When you see me, just know that my hair is a dirty illusion.  All about that trash panda life.

This is hilarious if you’re from/living in the South.  If you’re not, I’d imagine it’s not that great.  Sue me.


Big stuff coming this week – stay tuned.  Going to have an update on the car, and hopefully a solid weight drop at meeting come Saturday – been working my face off prepping and planning to make it happen.  Plan the work, work the plan.

Got a favorite meme this week?  Link it in the comments!

Meme Monday

It’s Monday.

The Mustang still isn’t running.  It has new injectors and fully plumbed up EFI (FAST XFI 2.0).  My Element battery is dead.  I ubered to work.  I’m sleep deprived.  I’m car depressed.  I’m mourning the loss of another weekend with no running Mustang.

Here’s some memes…

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