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Weight Watchers Weeklies

WW is one thing I’ve definitely not slacked on in my blog absence.  Gone every week, lost pretty much every week.  Picked up a couple new charms along the way – most notably my 10% charm, and my 25 pound charm.  I’ll run through all of them in another post, but working the plan is totally working for me.  I’m down nearly 30 pounds, and I’m completely happy with my progress.

So here’s some weight watchers brain work, chosen at random from the stack of weekly handouts that’s grown much faster than I’ve blogged here…oops.

These questions are from the weekly dated April 30-May 6, “Get in the Groove to Move.”

Choose one new activity to try….

I’m going to be giving the stationary bike a go.  My go to cardio is running in the wee hours of the morning, and actively competing with my office mates for miles logges, but when I went to D.C. last week, I got a little too run sightseeing happy and gave myself horrendous blisters (pictures – of the run, not the blisters – coming tomorrow).  Running isn’t in the cards for a least the next week, maybe longer.  I’m going to put in 30 minutes 3 times this week on the bike whilst trying not to die of boredom.

And if I know me, I should probably invest in a helmet…


Weight Watchers Weeklies

If you’re familiar with the Weight Watchers program, some of this will be redundant for you.  I apologize (not really, there’s the door…). Each week if you attend in person Weight Watchers meetings, they hand out a “Weekly.”  It’s a brochure with updates from the company, the focus of the week’s meeting, and random coupons for “Weight Watchers friendly” snacks, etc.

Some meeting leaders fall back on the Weekly pretty heavily to guide their meetings, while others just speak for a moment to whatever the “theme” is, before moving on to group talk, recognitions, etc.  I actually really prefer this less-scripted, more community based approach.  It does mean, though, that each week, I wind up with a Weekly full of unanswered “fill in the blank” type questions and things to ponder.  I can’t help but think that the head honchos at Corporate wouldn’t spend the time and money to print the Weekly if those questions and talking points hadn’t proven to be useful, so I figured I would use my space here to go through them each week.  I’m hoping it will keep me on track, and keep my head in the game.  I’ve got a few to get caught up on, so I’m going to probably double them up for a while, before moving to a weekly Wednesday mid-week WW boost post.

From the week of February 19, “What’s Your Why?”

Answer this question super quick:  Why do you want to lose weight?

I want to look better.

Go into detail: What does that look like to you?  How would your life be different?

For me, it will be me being more comfortable in my own skin, especially in work situations.

Make it yours:  Using your answers from steps 1 and 2, as yourself again, “why do I want to lose weight?”  Take your time, and frame your answer in a specific, personal way.

For me, losing weight is an external step towards internalizing some serious self confidence.  Whether I want to admit it or not, how I look has a huge impact on how I feel about myself.  It’s not nearly as much about being “healthy,” as maybe it should be.  I know that, especially in professional situations, I feel better and more confident in my own skillset when I look slimmer.  I know this because I’ve habitually yo-yo dieted, for my entire adult life.  I’ve been more successful thinner, and not necessarily because of what I look like, but because I carry myself and behave differently when I feel better about my appearance.  To add to that, I’ve been tasked with doing YouTube videos for work, and that’s made my super aware of my own appearance.  I can see the losses and gains, even when they’re “minor.”  In that case, I guess it’s really important to me to look good in a t shirt for YouTube.  Little bit weird to see in writing.


So, what’s your why?


Three Things Thursday…on Saturday

This insane week finally drawing to a close means settling down long enough on a Saturday morning to put some thoughts down.  Here’s three things that have been rolling around in my brain this week…

  1. This article caught my eye this week – it’s called “What if all I want is a mediocre life?” Well, good for you, author.  But not for me.  I am too lucky, too capable, too strong, and too intelligent to settle for mediocre.  Stephanie over at Squat Rack Shenanigans is in an all female group on Facebook that I frequent, and her comment summed it up so well…

    “I don’t identify with this in the least.

    For me, the desire to be better, to leave an impact (however slight), to improve in some way, drives me to take on each day after the next. Complacency, for me, is the first step towards a backslide- a slippery slope. For me. Every day I wake up and I have a purpose and I am aware of it, I strive towards fulfilling it, and I am I satisfied if I feel I haven’t put my best effort towards it.

    I have an able body and a knowledgeable mind, a loving heart and a desire to share these blessings however they can be of use to someone else. Of course this sounds conceited, “look at all I have to share with the world!” But that is not my intention. I have spent so much of my life learning, and continue to do so daily. There’s no reason not to share what I have learned to help others better themselves through knowledge. I am lucky enough to have had the opportunity to build a strong body that is capable of many things, and there is no reason not to use it for more than moving iron plates. I have the capacity to feel deeply, to love, and empathize and these are qualities wasted if kept to myself.

    So I don’t find myself in any part of this. I’ve not yet encountered a limit to the things I can accomplish, so I’ve not yet found a reason to stop trying to improve myself, and I think that actively seeking these limitations and “accepting” them would cause me a lot of internal strife- I’m not sure I could find the drive to get up each morning without knowing there was some end goal for bettering myself in that period.”

    I agree with her.  So. Hard.  Not because I’m some accomplished powerlifter/figure competitor (no seriously…have you checked out that blog yet?), but because my body is strong, my brain is powerful, and like she said, I’ve yet to find my own limits.  Why would I stop when I know I have more to bring the world?

    I work each week to help empower young, intelligent college aged women through my volunteer work, and I strive to break stereotypes every single day of what it means to be a young woman in business (and behind the wheel of cool cars).  I’ve worked to get to a place of independence, and work every day to improve myself intellectually, professionally, and yes, through diet and exercise.  I know that I come from a place of privilege, in that I have the option to even consider these things, and I think that’s incredibly relevant.

    Be strong, be smart, be more than mediocre when you’re blessed with a place in this world that allows you to do so.  There’s no reason to lower the standard for those that follow.

  2. Off the soapbox, back to the car:  it’s not getting worked on this weekend, because there’s a big race here in town, and there’s a lot of working at the track going on instead.  Related to the car, I’ve realized how very little I know about automotive wiring and electrical systems.  It’s painful.  I’m so used to being able to just educate myself when I don’t understand things, and I’m trying really hard to do that in this case, too, but there’s a long way to go.  The boyfriend has been helping me to pick stuff up, but man….it’s a lot.  It’s so very different from anything mechanical, and I have literally no base knowledge to work from.  Wiring a car, to me, feels like trying to read Homer before you know the alphabet.
  3. I was up 2.4 pounds at my weigh in this morning, making my total loss 14.4.
    This stock photo is totally me this morning.

    I hate that so much.  Usually, I’m super careful about how I eat on Fridays because my body is so sensitive to sodium intake.  I’ve seen my weight fluctuate 6-8 pounds overnight because of it.  Last night after work, one of my coworkers was playing music at a local burger place (LBOE here in Memphis, and if you’re curious, it was awesome), and after the week I’d had, I was happy to enjoy a burger, fries, and 2 delicious (Wiseacre Ananda) IPAs.  I hadn’t had a beer in so long.  It seemed worth it; it actually still does, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t mess with my psyche to not see a loss on the scale this morning…for the first time since I got back on Weight Watchers.

    So, struggle fest internally there.

    The worst part of it is that I’m usually SO motivated by my own losses, that it makes it really easy to fall off the wagon after a (likely to be gone next week and thensome) gain.  So, this is the part where I have to remind myself that it’s the long game that counts, and Saturday morning weigh ins are just a piece of that puzzle.

  4. (Bonus thing) I’m going to see Justin Moore and Lee Brice play in Tupelo tonight, which should be a lot of fun!  Somehow, when I bought the tickets, I thought Brantley Gilbert was playing with Justin Moore, so I surprised my boyfriend with the tickets.  I maintain that’s what the site said when I bought them, but now that’s not the case.  We’re still going to have a great time, but I’m now positive that I am the reason I can’t have nice things.

Any good plans for the weekend?

The Diet History

The first time I put myself on a diet was in seventh grade.  By my calculation, that means I was 12 years old.  No one PUT me on a diet, and I wasn’t truly “fat” in retrospect.  I remember feeling that way, though.  I imagine it probably stemmed more from being 12 years old, nearly six feet tall, and wildly uncomfortable in my own skin.

When this photo was taken, I was “fat” through my own lens…

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Sunday Life (and Food) Prep

Sunday’s probably my favorite day of the week.  It usually starts in slow-mo with LOTS of coffee.  After that, it’s all kinds of productivity: laundry, general tidying up, grocery shopping if I haven’t fit that in already, and the usual prep for the week ahead before I hit the hay early.  I know, it’s tough to be as cool as me.

So that’s basically what I did today, but one of the biggest things I do to prepare for a successful week is get my work bag in order.

It’s a little crazy on Monday mornings, because I take all of my breakfasts, lunches, and snacks for the week into work in giant Thirty One bag full of healthy choices for all the time I spend at work.  I’m lucky to be able to have a good size mini-fridge stashed under my desk, so I only have to take everything in once, and more importantly I’m able to keep options I really like.

Doing this has helped me to lose 13.6 pounds in the last 3 weeks (as of yesterday morning), so I thought I’d share what’s in the bag…

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