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Sunday Life (and Food) Prep

Sunday’s probably my favorite day of the week.  It usually starts in slow-mo with LOTS of coffee.  After that, it’s all kinds of productivity: laundry, general tidying up, grocery shopping if I haven’t fit that in already, and the usual prep for the week ahead before I hit the hay early.  I know, it’s tough to be as cool as me.

So that’s basically what I did today, but one of the biggest things I do to prepare for a successful week is get my work bag in order.

It’s a little crazy on Monday mornings, because I take all of my breakfasts, lunches, and snacks for the week into work in giant Thirty One bag full of healthy choices for all the time I spend at work.  I’m lucky to be able to have a good size mini-fridge stashed under my desk, so I only have to take everything in once, and more importantly I’m able to keep options I really like.

Doing this has helped me to lose 13.6 pounds in the last 3 weeks (as of yesterday morning), so I thought I’d share what’s in the bag…

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